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Issue 50 comes on 2 DVDs and is at least 4 1/2 hours of footage, still for just $12.50.
Disc One: Contains the regular Props issue 50.
-Coventry Backyard Jam. This contest is pretty weak compared to the previous Backyard Jams I've seen. It only seems like 5-7 guys were really trying anything here.
-Bicycle Union Road trip. 2 words, Scott Malyon. Good ass riding, too much wrestling.
-Vancouver Metro Jam. Without a doubt the sickest contest I've ever seen. Van, Tobias Wicke, and Dave Osato simply defy what should be possible as well as a bunch of other guys killing it. Everybody knows Van and Osato are nuts, but they do a few things in here that words cannot explain. Most people have no clue how good Tobias Wicke is. Imagine Dave Osato with amazing style and some of the most unique tech tricks you will ever see.
-Mat Hoffman Interview. People know Hoffman is amazing, that is nothing new. This interview is almost depressing because obviously, Hoffman basically kills himself countless times riding, but more importantly, you could ride your entire life and never accomplish half of what Hoffman has. The man truly has risked his life for the sake of riding and basically without him (and Jay Miron), riding as we know it would not exist. Sorry to spoil it for any kiddies out there saying "Well Hoffman doesn't ride street so guys like Van are why we have street", Hoffman does SICK rails in this section and it is mentioned briefly that he was the first person to do a handrail (back when pegs weren't meant for sliding and nobody knew things that we take for granted today like aluminum sticks to steel). Think about that for a few hours.
-Phoenix, AZ scene report. Adam Baker is a sick man. A bunch of other locals kill it in this part. It is pretty short, but fun to watch.
-Woodward West CFB. I don't know, after watching the Vancouver Metro Jam so many times this contest really seems weak.
-York, PA Flatland Jam. I'm not big on flatland so I don't know what to say.
-As a bonus on disc 1, you get the first video made by Marco Massei "A Few Good Men On Bikes", this is like 10 years old, very funny editing, very funny tricks, but its still interesting to see what riding was like back then.
Disc Two:
-Best of 50. This is Taj's favorite clips from issues 1-49, not surprisingly Joe Rich shows up about 900 times in this, but its a great way to see how riding has progressed, and you get to see why guys like Hoffman, Miron, Joe Rich, Taj, etc are viewed as legends.
-Favorite sections. There are a bunch of FULL bonus sections from previous issues of Props. They are...
-Joe Rich/Luc-E interview. This is old but still definitely interesting
-Taj Interview. Read above.
-Oklahoma City BS Comp. Old once again, but gives you an idea of how riding has changed and some tricks are still pretty impressive.
-MTV Sports and Music Festival Austin TX. This was MTV's first comp, and it has a lot of guys who you definitely would never see in the X-Games these days which makes it seem like a really fun contest.
-Ralph Sinisi bio. This is a little old now as well, but a really well edited section thats definitely fun to watch.
-Colin Winklemann bio. This is a little old too but you'd never know it. The tricks don't seem old at all and this guy is definitely underrated, although the interview is setup like a fake TV show and is just annoying, the riding is amazing.
-Ian Morris profile. Ian Morris just goes for shit and the rails he was doing 10 years ago have still yet to be outdone. I still don't like it for some reason.
-Toronto La Revolution (Metro Jam before it was known as the Metro Jam). This is such a good contest. There are too many highlights to name, only outdone by the Vancouver Metro Jam.
-FBM Road Trip. Tag, Phil Wasson, Bob Scerbo, and some other FBM guys on this trip. It is solid but I don't know why it's in the Favorite Sections.
-Van Homan Interview. Well its Van, what do you expect?
All in all, even if you don't like all the footage, there surely is enough in here that it is well worth the 20 bucks. If you are someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend on videos, this is the best 20 bucks you could spend. These 2 DVDs get a 10/10 (if it were possible to rate higher, I would). If you are just getting the VHS, the Metro Jam and Hoffman bio are still well worth the 20 bucks and I'd then rate it a 9/10.

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